20 Years On: South Africa


Pantsula is a dance that emerged in South African townships during the 1950s. Once associated with the "tsotsis" and "thugs" of the Apartheid era, the dance is slowly gaining recognition positively in the mainstream media, although there are still many misconceptions that remain. These misconceptions are addressed by Via Kasi, a pantsula dance group in Grahamstown. 

Rocky passed away in 2014, one year after the making of this film. Grahamstown lost a legend, but his memory and fast footsteps live on. –Robyn Perros

Produced by: Robyn Perros and Ashley Brozic

Executive Produced by: Aubrey Aden-Buie

1st Women's Sandsculpting Competition

Follow Suzanne Altamare as she competes in the first ever all women's sand sculpting competition in Ft. Myers, Florida.

  • Produced by: Ashley Brozic